Tower Farm

Tower Garden for Homes & Offices

Tower Garden® is the only aeroponic system which can be used outdoors or indoors!

Ideal for backyard gardening, balconies, terraces, patios, rooftops, cafeterias, schools etc.

Tower Garden® also thrives indoors with the help of its newly redesigned energy-saving LED grow light kit…..

It is the perfect solution for homes and offices: no soil, no weeding, no bending over, no kneeling, no tilling, no daily watering and no getting dirty!

Tower Garden® is the ultimate space-saving gardening solution as it fits in less than 1 m² (approximately 10 ft.²).

Grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers effortlessly and 100% chemical free!

No gardening experience is necessary: with these fully automated aeroponic towers, everyone has a green thumb! It is so easy to use: just plant the seedling in the tower and watch it grow!

A Tower Garden® comes ready to use including a seedling kit and a generous supply of Tower Tonic®, our proprietary 100% natural earth-based mineral plant food formula.

A Tower Garden® requires 90% less water while delivering up to 65% nutrient–density–increase in comparison to conventional organic produce grown in the soil!

Whether aiming to inspire children at home or in schools, or making a healthy eco-statement at work, Tower Garden is truly a “food machine”: expect bountiful harvests!

Tower Garden® can grow up to 32 plants at the same time.

Grow support cages (highly recommended) & LED grow light kit are being sold separately!

Buy a Tower Garden® for yourself or as a gift!


Tower Garden ltd. usually processes orders and ships within 72 hours.

Tower Garden® for Europe is shipped from a warehouse located in Germany. Orders arrive within a few days regardless of country destination.

When ordering your Tower Garden®, it comes as a fully inclusive kit allowing you to start Tower Gardening upon reception of your tower! The following items are included:

1 Tower Garden European unit
2 Fertilizer Set 250 ml (A & B)
1 Net Pot Set (40 pcs).
1 Start Growing Set (Rock Wool with 28 cubes, Vermiculite, Small Plant Green House)

Depending on climate, your initial supply of nutrients will last between 4 to 6 months. Warmer climates use more water/nutrients due to the evaporation factor.

We use a Tower Garden® proprietary nutrient ionic mineral solution by the name of ‘Tower Tonic®’.

Tower Tonic® is the most unique all natural mineral-based nutrient solution ever formulated. In fact, contrary to conventional hydroponic farming where a different nutrient mixture is needed for each crop, Tower Tonic® can be used for all vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers which can be grown on Tower Garden® towers.


Mineral Blend A:
• Total Nitrogen (N) – 2.0%
• Calcium (Ca) – 1.0%
• Chelated Iron (Fe) – 0.05%
Derived from: Calcium Nitrate, Iron Sodium EDTA

Mineral Blend B:
• Available Phosphate (P2O5) – 1.0%
• Soluble Potash (K2O) – 3.0%
• Magnesium (Mg) – 0.5%
• Sulfur (S) – 3.0%
• Boron (B) – 0.01%
• Copper (Cu) – 0.001%
• Manganese (Mn) – 0.01%
• Molybdenum (Mo) – 0.0005%
• Zinc (Zn) – 0.005%
Derived from: Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Sulfate, Magnesium Sulfate, Boric Acid, Copper Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Sodium Molybdate, Zinc Sulfate, Phosphoric Acid.

Tower Garden is made from the safest high-end UV-stabilized, BPA-free, food-grade plastic. The high-quality resins used by Tower Garden are compliant with both U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines for food contact and European guidelines for Restriction of Hazardous Substances.

Our resin material is also completely opaque — it keeps out light, inhibiting algae growth. This keeps your plants happier and gives your Tower Garden a longer life.

A Tower Garden for the residential market can accommodate up to 32 plants while the commercial tower is modular in size and can be used to grow up to 52 plants.

Since the commercial Tower Garden is taller, its pump is slightly more powerful than the one used for the residential model. Furthermore, commercial models feature an auto fill valve, and a drain valve.

There is a minimum order of 10 towers for commercial towers. There is no minimum for the residential model.

In spite of their differences in size, the component used for the tower itself (referring to the white planting pots) are the same for the commercial towers and the residential towers. Also, the same nutrients are used for commercial and residential. In other terms, whether using a total commercial tower or the smaller home-use model, you can obtain the same results in terms of quality and crop yield.

Yes, as of August 2021, the Tower Garden model being shipped to customers in Europe includes 4 regular sections for 16 plants and the baby greens extension allows to grow 16 small plants as well.

Tower Garden® Towers are equipped with a low wattage submersible pump (45 watts only). The pump is programmed to be on for five minutes and off for 15 minutes on a continuous cycle with the help of a timer. The operational cost will vary depending on the rates of the power company within each geographical market. On average, it will cost about 1 euro per month/per tower.

Powering lights for recommended 14 hours per day costs about €0.30 a day

Tower Garden Unit: 66.00cm x 58.00cm x 58.00cm – 17.00 kgs
Tower Garden LED light: 110.00cm x 34.00cm x 33.00cm – 7.50 kgs
Fertilizers: 25.00cm x 10.00cm x 10.00cm – 3.00 kgs

Tower Garden ltd. does not offer discounts for schools nor charities.

Tower Garden ltd. does not offer discounts for orders reflecting several towers.

True Garden provides customer service support for your towers and growing questions. Through our website, support beacon, True Garden International FaceBook Group and Through our coming app.

– Maximum power consumption: 125 W

– Input voltage (USA models): 120 VAC 60 Hz

– Input voltage (European models): 230 VAC 50 Hz

– Working temperature: < 40° C / 104º F

– Luminous flux: 3400 LM X 4 pcs.

– Color temperature: 6000 K

Click on the link below and you will be able to access the PDF file featuring the instruction manual for the Tower Garden (residential model).

Such document reflects instructions for assembly of the tower, seedlings, growing crops, Tower Garden maintenance etc.

CLICK HERE for the European Tower Garden Assembly Guide

CLICK HERE for the European Tower Garden Growing Guide

CLICK HERE for the American Tower Garden Instruction Manual